Football Players Save Baby Trapped in CarMissouri Western State University is home to the Griffons football squad. Today, two Griffon safeties are making headlines for displaying courage and heroism off the field.

On a steamy August day, grandmother Teresa Gall accidently locked her grandson in the car near the Griffons’ stadium. After only about two minutes, the child was sweating profusely and getting sick from the heat. Gall and her niece pounded on the car window with a hammer, but they had no luck.

Fortunately, Griffon safeties Jack Long and Shane Simpson took a different route home from practice that day. They saw a woman pounding on a car window with a hammer and figured something must be wrong.  They needed just one swing to break the window and free the baby.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind…these two saved a life.

Check out their amazing story below.


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