Ravens run out clock by holding every, single Bengals player [VIDEO]

ravens-holding-every-bengals-playerIt was pure genius.

The Baltimore Ravens were up six points against the Cincinnati Bengals with the clock winding down in the fourth quarter. Baltimore was on its own 23-yard-line and facing fourth down with 11 seconds left in the game.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh had a trick up his sleeve, though.

“Hold everyone and run the clock out.”

No, really, that was it. Harbaugh had all of his offensive linemen hold their opponents while punter Sam Koch danced around in the end zone until time ran out.

If you look closely, one Ravens player even seems to have a defender in a sleeper hold.

Why does this play work? Larry Brown Sports explains:

Straight from the NFL rulebook, there is no replayed, untimed down on an offensive foul on the final play of a half or game. The officials explained on the field after the play that there would be no replay of the down, thus counting the safety against Baltimore and ending the game.

If it looked a little familiar, it’s because the Ravens ran this same exact play during Super Bowl XLVII.


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