Colts punter Pat McAfee to Antonio Brown: ‘Don’t cleat me in the face’

antonio-brown-cleats-faceIt was a memorable moment in NFL history.

On September 7, 2014, Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers kicked Cleveland Browns ex-punter Spencer Lanning in the face with his cleats during a kick return.

Punters have been avoiding the Steelers wideout ever since.

On Tuesday, Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee tweeted to Brown asking for mercy as the two teams square off on Thanksgiving day.

Hey @AntonioBrown.. it’s gonna be Thanksgiving.. my mom’s gonna be there.. once again, none of this.. please.. thanks in advance

Brown seemed to take it in stride, advising that McAfee should just kick the ball out of bounds.

Maybe McAfee should just sit this one out.

Shirtless Terry Bradshaw will haunt your dreams forever [VIDEO]

shirtless-terry-bradshawWe officially have no idea what’s going on.

A shirtless Terry Bradshaw was captured on film behind the scenes during this week’s edition of the “FOX NFL Sunday” kickoff show.

Video of the NFL legend was posted online by Charissa Thompson.

It’s safe to say that Howie Long is not a fan.

Caleb Joseph offers Joe Flacco sliding lessons after QB’s horrendous slide

joe-flacco-slideThe entire Ravens sideline held its collective breath on Sunday after quarterback Joe Flacco attempted one of the ugliest slides of all time.

With the Ravens beating the Steelers 10-0 in the third quarter at M&T Bank Stadium, Flacco scrambled with the football and slid at Baltimore’s own 37-yard-line.

Flacco seemed to get his leg caught underneath of him during the slide and he immediately came up limping.  The stadium became eerily silent as the Ravens quarterback hobbled off the field and hopped down into the locker room on one leg.

Fortunately for the Ravens, “Joe Cool” was totally he fine.  His awkward slide merely bent his medal knee brace, which he was still wearing after recovering from MCL and ACL surgery last year.

Almost immediately after the incident, Baltimore Orioles catcher Caleb Joseph tweeted an offer that Joe may not be able to refuse.

I would personally like to invite Joe Flacco to a one on one sliding session at OPACY anytime he wants!

Flacco has not yet responded to the offer.

Steelers’ Chris Boswell pulls off worst onside kick of all time [VIDEO]

Chris Boswell Onside KickThe Baltimore Ravens finally snapped their three-game losing streak by beating the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. 

The Steelers tried to get cute in the fourth quarter by attempting to pull off an onside kick. “Attempt” being the key word. 

Kicker Chris Boswell somehow managed to pull off what was arguably the worse onside kick in NFL history. 

He was trying to be sly but wound up kicking the ball into his own leg. 

You’ve really got to see it to believe it.