Ditka to Kaepernick: If you disrespect our country then ‘get the hell out’ [AUDIO]


Mike Ditka is not a fan of Colin Kaepernick.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback has not been shy about voicing his opinion when it comes to perceived inequalities in America.

Kaepernick began the trend of kneeling during the National Anthem as a way to “protest” the state of affairs in the U.S.

Well, Ditka isn’t having any of it.

During a recent interview Friday on 103.5 The Fan, the former NFL coach didn’t hold back.

“I think it’s a problem…anybody who disrespects this country and the flag. If they don’t like the country they don’t like our flag…get the hell out.

“I have no respect for Colin Kaepernick – he probably has no respect for me, that’s his choice. My choice is, I like this country, I respect our flag, and I don’t see all the atrocities going on in this country that people say are going on.

“I see opportunities if people want to look for opportunity – now if they don’t want to look for them – then you can find problems with anything, but this is the land of opportunity because you can be anything you want to be if you work. If you don’t work…that’s a different problem.”

Kaepernick has not responded to Ditka’s comments as of yet.

Check it out below.

Stephen A. Smith blasts Colin Kaepernick for not voting [VIDEO]

stephen-a-smith-on-kaepernickWhen it comes to voicing one’s opinion in the NFL, no one has been more outspoken that Colin Kaepernick.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback has often voiced his opinion regarding racial injustices, the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and he is credited with beginning the trend of kneeling during our national anthem.

So who did Kaepernick choose in Tuesday’s presidential election?  Turns out, he didn’t even vote.

Stephen A. Smith didn’t take too kindly to it either.  On Wednesday’s edition of “First Take,” the ESPN analyst called Kaepernick a “flaming hypocrite.”

“As far as I’m concerned Colin Kaepernick is absolutely irrelevant,” Smith stated. “I don’t want to see him again. I don’t want to hear from him again. I don’t want to hear a damn word he has to say about our nation, the issues we have, racial injustices, needing change, etc.

“Him of all people, because of the position he took, because of the attention he brought to the issues…the fact that you don’t even have the decency to go to the polls and activate yourself in this election is a damn shame.”

“He comes across as a flaming hypocrite,” he said. “Quite frankly, I hope he goes away. He’s lucky to be in the league right now.”

Check it out below.